Profitable Clicks
Boutique Google Ads Agency.

At Profitable Clicks, we’re obsessed with helping you generate those clicks that convert into valuable action and help you to actively grow your business.

We’re REALLY good at Google Ads.
that’s why it’s all we do.

You won’t find a bewildering number of offers on what we do. We’re Google Ads experts – and that’s it!

We make sure that campaigns work and that they keep up to speed with the many many changes Google throws out there.

If you’re in need of clear, honest, effective Google Ads management – we’re your lobster. 

Enough with the vanity metrics.
Get the clicks
that matter.

Some companies will promise to increase your clicks by 1000% in a month – and, you know what, they might succeed. But how many of those clicks would actually convert into meaningful action? Spoiler: not many. At Profitable Clicks, we focus on generating the right clicks from the right people at the right time. Because we know that clicks without conversions won’t grow your business.  
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work with us

It’s much more than a numbers game.

Big numbers may look impressive – but they only really matter if they convert into leads, sales, or whatever it is that you need your customers to do. We don’t just look at clicks; we look at the whole customer journey with conversions at the heart of our metrics. And we never show you a whole load of fancy numbers and ship out – we want to help your business actively succeed for the long term.

We’re here for the long haul.

Building Google Ads campaigns that really convert is more than a one-time job. It’s about tweaking and refining your approach over weeks and months and learning as we go. That’s why we focus on long-lasting partnerships that grow with your business. 

Want an inside look at your Google Ads performance?

We can provide a free mini audit that shows you a REAL picture of your Ads performance. No sugar coating, no jargon, just properly honest advice on where you are today – whether you choose to use our services or not.

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Not every click is created equal.