5 Things To Do Before Opening The Google Ads Platform

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Jumping in too early with Google Ads can sometimes lead to confusion and overwhelm. Over the years we know try and suss out these key areas before even opening the Ads platform.

1) What does success look like?

It sounds like a simple question, but can sometimes be the hardest to answer.

For e-commerce businesses, you need to understand if your customers are one off purchasers or are you trying to start a long term relationship. Understanding this lifetime value can help you to budget how much you can afford in acquisition costs.

For B2B & lead generation businesses how many leads do you need? Key things to consider are how leads do you need to lead to a sale and what is the value of that sale. 

2) Who are your customers?

What do your typical customers look like? Where do the hangout both in real life and the digital world. What problems are they trying to solve? What would their research and purchase journey look like?

3) What geography are you targeting?

Do you trade by country or do you need to target a region or local area? Narrowing this down very early can save a money on wasted spend.

4) How can we track what customers do?

Audit your website to see what needs to be tracked. 

  • Can you track sales?
  • Do you want customers to fill in an enquiry form?
  • Can you track email links?
  • Do you want to know if they are downloading your latest white paper?

5) What budget can you spend on this campaign?

Understanding budgets can really save you a lot of pain. How much do you need to spend to acquire a new paying customer or lead.

We have a handy budget calculator that we can share with you to break down how much budget you need for your campaign. To get your free copy send an email to hello@profitableclicks.co.uk with “Free Calculator” in the subject line.