7 Reasons Why Your Google Ad Is Not Working

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After spending time wrestling with the Google Ads platform you finally hit publish – and nothing. Not one single thing jumps into action. There could be several reasons for this.

1) Unassigned campaign budget.

Your ad cannot run without a budget to spend. Check that you have assigned a budget which is calculated on a daily basis.

ACTION> check campaign level to make sure there is a daily budget next to each campaign. 

2) Your account is on hold.

Check that you do not have any outstanding bills to pay and that your account is not on hold. Have Google asked you to provide any documentation or ID? Make sure you do this in a timely manner.

ACTION> check billing on the account to make sure there are no overdue invoices.

3) Ad groups are on pause.

It is easy to pause Ad Groups while you are working on them.

ACTION>  check at Ad Group level that everything is showing a green circle to indicate they are active.

4) Your Ads have been disapproved.

Ads have to comply with Google guidelines. You can check the guidelines here.

ACTION> go to ad level and check that all ads are showing a green circle. A red circle shows ad disapproval so you will need to rewrite the ads that meets Googles guidelines and standards.

PRO TIP> Ads should be written with the user in mind. Help them to find the information they are looking for and do not deceive them by taking them to irrelevant content.

5) Budgets are too low.

If you assign 50p/day but the cost per click is £3.00 for your keywords, then the ad cannot serve.

ACTION> Increase budgets by £1/day until you start serving your ads.

6) Bids are too low.

The nature of Google is a competitive auction, if you are bidding lower than your competitors then you will lose the chance to serve your ads.

ACTION> Increase bid in small increments.

7) You don’t have conversion tracking in place.

If you are using an automated bidding strategy for maximum conversions, unless you have the tracking in place the systems does not know what a conversion looks like or how to increase them.

ACTION> Set up conversion tracking for actions you want users to take.

PRO TIP> Only use primary conversions for actions you want to optimise the account for.

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