How To Find B2B Audiences With Google Ads

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B2B audiences can be some of the trickiest audiences to find for a marketer because likes and interests can be so disparate and they don’t always appear in clusters. However, we’ve been using Google Ads to successfully target B2B audiences for years. The reason is simple. This audience has problems too. The beauty of successfully […]

5 Things To Do Before Opening The Google Ads Platform

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Jumping in too early with Google Ads can sometimes lead to confusion and overwhelm. Over the years we know try and suss out these key areas before even opening the Ads platform. 1) What does success look like? It sounds like a simple question, but can sometimes be the hardest to answer. For e-commerce businesses, […]

7 Reasons Why Your Google Ad Is Not Working

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After spending time wrestling with the Google Ads platform you finally hit publish – and nothing. Not one single thing jumps into action. There could be several reasons for this. 1) Unassigned campaign budget. Your ad cannot run without a budget to spend. Check that you have assigned a budget which is calculated on a […]