How To Find B2B Audiences With Google Ads

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B2B audiences can be some of the trickiest audiences to find for a marketer because likes and interests can be so disparate and they don’t always appear in clusters.

However, we’ve been using Google Ads to successfully target B2B audiences for years. The reason is simple. This audience has problems too. The beauty of successfully targeting this audience is to understand their problems and explore what they may search to solve those problems.

Tips and tricks to successfully target B2B audiences

However, we can go even deeper that that – here is a brief overview of other tips and tricks we can use with Google Ads to narrow the targeting of this audience,

  1. Use Demographic Targeting: Target specific job titles, industries, or company sizes.
  2. Use Keyword Targeting: Use relevant keywords in your campaigns to target specific audience segments.
  3. Use Location Targeting: Target specific regions, cities or even office locations of target companies.
  4. Use Interests & Affinity Audiences: Target users based on their browsing habits, interests, and behaviors.
  5. Use Remarketing: Reach people who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app.
  6. Use Custom & Lookalike Audiences: Create a list of high-value customers and target similar audiences, or create a list of similar companies based on your target audience’s attributes.
  7. Utilize Google Analytics data: Integrate Google Analytics data into your AdWords account to gain insights into audience behavior and target high-value segments.

If you are struggling to reach your B2B audience, contact us. B2B audiences are our super-power.