what we do

We’re REALLY good at Google Ads.
that’s why it’s all we do.

what we do

We’re REALLY good at Google Ads.
that’s why it’s all we do.

We only offer monthly management services. Why? Because we can make sure that the campaigns work, that they keep up to speed with the many many changes Google throws out there, and even with the best of intentions, you won’t do it. When you work with us, Google Ads becomes our headache, not yours.

What we cover…

All major Google advertising opportunities including:

Google Search Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Display Ads

We only work on the areas that will work for your specific business.

meet the Founder…

Hi I'm Becky

I’m Becky Long, Founder of Profitable Clicks. I set up the business because I got fed up of cowboys operating in the digital marketing world. Overselling promises with fake guarantees has led to an overall distrust of marketing, and it shouldn’t be this way. These tools work brilliantly when operated properly, but like with all things in life, there are never any guarantees.

So if you want to work with someone who is going to tell you straight if it can work for you, get in touch.

Want to work with us?

There are a few things that need to be in place to work with us…


Is your product or service searchable?
For instance, if its a brand new invention, there probably isn’t anyone yet searching for it.


Do you have a realistic expectation?
If you think you can spend £10 and get £10,000 return, it’s unlikely. To be honest, we would have already retired to a beach in the Bahamas if it was that easy.


Do you have a budget of at least £1,000/month?

Are you ready to make leads fun again?